It has been a while.

To whom it may concern,

I have not made a post to the blog for the past couple of weeks, for that I am sorry. I am currently trying to adjust to my new life in a Master of Social Work program at the University of Toronto. Given my coursework, a majority of my reading of late has been from academic journals or articles relating to social policy, group therapy, intervention, and the history of social work. It is my goal in this blog to write about things that interest me and to not pressure myself to simply focus on any one area of genre of writing or reading. As such I might spend more time in the future writing, on academic topics should the interest arise and I feel I have something worthwhile to say.

In regards to the writing side of things, I have not entered any writing contests as of late. I am hoping to change this very soon. I have recently been working as a Descriptive Video Writer for the visually impaired. This has been quite the experience and has taught me great deal about writing succinctly while conveying as much detail as possible. I hope to write another post for the blog this week to make up for the drought in content I have created. As always. Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you stick around for the future.


Josh Can Read.

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