On the Virtues and Terrors of Writing Under Pressure

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The deadline approaches, doesn’t matter what the project or assignment is. It could be for work, for school, or in the case of this blog, for leisure. Regardless, the deadline approaches and you feel the heat from the fire burning at your feet as you dash across the days till you have but a moments breathe to complete the project you have had a month or week to finish. In that final day or even final hour, the glorious hour where you feel the weight of oblivion either lift from your shoulders or crash over you as the deadline approaches and it is ride or die, you catch a spark. The spark being the idea, energy, focus, or all of the above that drives you into a fury to finish the assignment. Your brain operates like a supercomputer. Sentences flash through your mind as the minutes tick by. The clock is about to strike and that is when you finally finish it and you were able to do this because of the pressure you were under. It accelerated your thinking through the pumping of adrenaline or red bull through your system.

As you attach the word document to an email, you double, triple, quadruple check the Subject line to insure you don’t come across like a schmuck to your professor or boss. You hit send and all is right in the world.


You forgot to spellcheck didn’t you?

You go back and skim over the document you just submitted but a minute ago and lo and behold, there is a typo, several in fact. Not to mention missing punctuation and a misuse of the word “than”. You have two options at this moment. You can correct the mistakes and send the document after the deadline( hoping the recipient is feeling merciful in their response to you come the morning.) or hunker down with the bed you have just made and wallow in the mistakes of spelling and grammar errors. As the redbull and adrenaline leave your system, you are left in an anxious knot of feelings as sleep eventually takes you, with a last merciful thought being a congratulations that you managed to send anything at all.

You wake up the next morning (or early afternoon, I won’t judge) and you open your inbox to see the long dreaded reaction from the recipient of your boggled email. You see no response. You check back in a couple hours, no response.

The next day, no response.

The next week, still no response.

You open your email once more only to discover the email you thought you had sent was in fact, saved to drafts.

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