About Josh Can Read.

Hi there, I’m Joshua A.K.A. Josh Can Read. I’m a 20-something living in downtown Toronto, Canada. I enjoy all things nerdy, be it video games, Dungeons & Dragons(I’m a Critter), anime, or reading comic books, YA, and fantasy literature.

I care a great deal about child and youth mental health. I have worked in the field for 3 years and will soon start my Masters of Social Work at the University of Toronto in the fall. I recently completed my Post-Graduate Diploma in Publishing at Centennial College. I have written for an anime website, school newspaper, and other outlets contributing feature length content or listicles.

This blog is a challenge to myself to read and write more regularly. The blog will feature content centred on books, the publishing industry, and the art of storytelling as a whole that extend beyond the book format. I can’t think of anything witty to say so thank you for coming and hope you stay a while.